Ozure Left Eye/Circular Polarizing Film (27.8"X7.8")Ozure Left Eye/Circular Polarizing Film (27.8"X7.8")

Ozure Left Eye/Circular Polarizing Film (27.8"X7.8")

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Circular Polarizing Plastic Film Without Adhesive Both Side Protective Film 3 Month Offline Warranty - Pan India - Against Any Manufacturing Defect 45 Degree - Left Eye
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Ozure Brand Circular Polarizing Film featuring excellent extinction ratio and high transmission. Ideal for a range of imaging applications, teaching experiments and more. Comes in a pack of 1 sheet Film is 0.19mm, 27.8 Inch X 7.8 Inch with both side protection with 45 degrees circular polarization for the Left Eye.Circular polarize sheet are used for 3D glasses, photography, microscopy, experiments relating to light scattering, polarized light experiments, light reflection, Brewster's angle and how polarized sunglasses work. IMPORTANT(!) please note that on both sides there is a protective film sheet. You have to remove it gently before use. Once removed, the polarize sheet will be revealed, clean and smooth.


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