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Ozure Z Pro Series ND + Color Graduated Filter Kit

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# Z Pro Series ND + Color Graduated Filter Kit 150 x 150mm # Include Z- Pro Filter Holder + 82mm Ring # Z- Pro Filter Holder Can Combine Up to 3 Filters At A Time. # Includes Three Step Up Rings 67 to 82mm, 72 to 82mm & 77 to 82mm # Set Of Six Z Pro Series Filters ( ND0.5, ND 1, ND 2, ND4, Red, Blue) # Include Branded Storage Box
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A graduated is an optical filter that has a variable light transmission. Typically half of the filter is of neutral or color density which transitions, either abruptly or gradually, into the other half which is clear. Often it is necessary or desirable to balance the light intensity in one part of a scene with another. This is especially true in situations where you don't have total light control, as in bright contrasty landscapes. Exposing for the foreground will produce a washed-out, over-exposed sky while exposing for the sky will leave the foreground dark and under-exposed. Ozure graduated gray or ND & color filters are part clear, part neutral density. They allow the transition to be blended into the scene, often imperceptibly. A ND 0.5-to-clear, with a 1/2 stop differential, will generally compensate the average bright sky-to-foreground situation and is also the most popular density of the series similarly a color graduated filter like red add drama to the scene while blue enrich the overall mood. The filter box is specially designed to carry these valuable filters, rings & adapter. The box material is designed in such a way to protect filter from moisture, humidity, dust and accidental damages during transit. The box is designed compatible to any photographic vest along with a shoulder strap. The box has a magnetic closure and made up of finest Imitation leather material.


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