Ozure Special Effect Filters

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Special effects like Multi Images, Sand filters, Soft Filters, Diffusion, Two Field Lenses are creative tools among photographic enthusiastic hobbyist and learning students.

Two Field Lens

Two Field Lens The two field lens is used for that special shot where two subjects one "distant" and the other "closer" both need sharp focusing within the same picture frame. The attachment mounted in a rotating ring helps to get a sharp and magnified foreground while maintaining the backgrounds in focus. For example, a wristwatch against a "clock tower" or a "flower" against a "mountain" can be sharp focused within the same picture frame.

Sand Filter

Center image filter is a Sand filter with a clear polished spot at the center, so a sharp image is obtained in the center of the picture, surrounded by diffused or smoky screen, gradually fading towards edges.

Soft Filter

Center focus Camera Filter is used to take a sharp-focused center. The surrounding area shades out of focus or gives a "Blur" effect. A clear central portion is surrounded by imaginative, dreamy, multicolored & balloon studded environment is achieved.

Sepia Filter

It produces brown tone for sepia. The use of this filter gives a surrealistic effect in landscape and architectural photography by producing "storm like cloud" effect, "Moon light" effect, "Wood effect". It is indispensable for tonal separation in still-life photography and for the reproduction of documents, which have become illegible.This filter is also used to take photography of old monuments, buildings etc. It helps to capture details, which is suppressed due to the time factor.

FL-d Filters

The FL-D fluorescent light correction filter true-to-life color rendition by removing the harsh yellow-green cast ordinarily resulting from fluorescent bulbs. When shooting under natural light, a fluorescent filter dramatically increases color saturation of subjects, create imaginary results outside scene photography.

Rainbow Filter

Rainbow Filters creates eye-catching star like patterns in rainbow colors from brilliant points of light. The brighter & smaller the light source in the scene or subject, the greater & sharper the light scattering effect will be. The darker the background, the crisp & brighter the Rainbow effect is. They add to the artistic & decorative effects of night scenes, stage-light decorations, sunrise, sunset, reflection on jewellery, sunlight on water & subjects showing reflective highlights.