Ozure Polarizing Filters

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The Ozure Polarizing filters are available in many versions & categorized into linear polarizing filters, Circular polarizing filters & Variant Neutral Density Filters. It cut glare and extra reflection from a shinny object.

One of the most popular special-effect filters, the circular polarizing helps outdoor photographers-professionals and aspiring enthusiasts alike-capture that awe-inspiring image. Unlike a static single film polarizing, the circular polarizing gives you control over the angle of the polarizing effect in relation to the light. By reflecting certain light rays, the polarizing filter only allows select light rays to enter the camera lens. From vibrant sunsets over the ocean to vast mountains and grand canyons to family photos in the backyard, the Ozure circular polarizing will help take your outdoor images from simple to sublime.

Order Linear & Circular Polarizing films with or without adhesive!

O zure polarizing filters eliminated unwanted reflections from reflective surfaces.

  • Polarizing Filter (LPL/CPL)
  • For DSLR, SLR, 3D & Scientific Purposes
  • Deepens The Intensity Of Blue Skies
  • Reduces Or Eliminates Glare
  • Camera Filter Mount Rotates To Control-Amount Of Effect
  • Custom size films available