Ozure 13 Filter Kits

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It consist of Thirteen different camera filters + Stack Caps + Branded Storage Pouch - Consists of MCUV, ND Filter, Sepia filter, Green Filter, Blue Filter, Yellow Filter, Soft filter, Diffusion Filter, Macro Lens, Veri Cross Screen, Double Exposer attachment, Rainbow 8x filter, Multi Image 5F

Set Of 13 PCs Camera Filters + Stack Cap + Branded Pouch

  • Glass (Filters), Aluminium Black Anodized (Housing)
  • Screw In Type
  • 100% Glass Filters
  • Ozure Branded Storage Pouch

Achieve vividities, clarity, depth and special effects in your photographs with this set of 13 filters from Ozure. These filters feature the screw-in mechanism which lets you easily install or remove them. Unleash Your Creativity Give a surreal effect to the landscape or architectural wonder that you wish to capture with the sepia filter. If you want to shoot the fine details of flowers, trinkets or fingerprints, go for the macro filter. Add dazzle to the night scenes and create attractive star-like patterns with the veri-cross filter. Different color filters in this set can be used to emphasize on a particular tone for an artistic touch. Provides Protection Screw-in the safety filter in this set onto the front element of your lens to protect it from scratches, dust and smudges for clear and crisp images. Versatile Set Compatible with the Panasonic, Nikon, Sony, Canon, Kodak, Olympus, Fujifilm, and Pentax cameras, this pack of 13 filters will help you give various artistic touches to your photographs.

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