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Rahul Kapoor

Ozure 3 PCs Sets

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Ozure 3 PCs sets comes in variant combinations like MCUV, CPL & VND Filters, MCUV, CPL & ND2 Filters.

  • Multi Coated MCUV Filter, best quality optical glass, high transmittance and low reflective.
  • 2 to 400 Stops of Light Control,Variable N.D Filter
  • Smooth Adjustable Dial, For Variable N.D Filter
  • Deepens The Intensity of Blue Skies, Reduces Or Eliminates Glare
  • Mount Rotates To Control Amount Of Effect

Ozure N.D Variable, Circular Polarize (CPL), Multi Coated Ultra Violet Filter (Set of 3 Kit)

Variable neutral density filters from Ozure gives you the capability of shooting with high speed film or high ISO settings on your digital camera, even in direct sunlight. ND filters reduce the amount of light that reaches your film or your sensor, and this variable ND filter allows you to choose just how much light you want to block from 2 to 400 stops. To adjust the amount of light, simply turn the adjustable dial for a seamless adjustment. With the variable ND filter on your lens, you can control both the exposure time and depth of field in your photos. Without an ND filter, most cameras do not have a shutter speed fast enough to allow you to shoot wide open in bright conditions. By adding an ND filter, you can blur your background and isolate your subject, even under direct sunlight. You can also shoot very long exposures which is useful for landscape and architecture photography. Exposing your shot for a long period can make people, clouds, cars, and other moving objects seemingly disappear from your images. Circular Polarizing Lens, One of the most popular special-effect filters, the circular polarizing helps outdoor photographers-professionals and aspiring enthusiasts alike-capture that awe-inspiring image. Unlike a static single film polarizing, the circular polarizing gives you control over the angle of the polarizing effect in relation to the light. By reflecting certain light rays, the polarizing filter only allows select light rays to enter the camera lens. From vibrant sunsets over the ocean to vast mountains and grand canyons to family photos in the backyard, the Amazon Basics circular polarizing will help take your outdoor images from simple to sublime. MCUV Filter, 2 Layer Multi coated (Blue) computerized edged 2mm glass fitted in black anodized aluminium filter housing. It will fit to all lenses or filter accessories. It protect the front element of camera lens. Compatible with all major brand lenses.